PITT cooking Front Side

On this page you will find all necessary information and documentation for both design and proper installation.  When ordering we ask that you always use this measurements-template.

All PITT cooking configurations in our assortment are available with Front Side controls. So you always have a choice:  do you prefer that the control knobs be located on the countertop or on the front vertical side? As for the types of burners, choose between Original (aluminum), Professional (brass) or Black ( entirely black).

PITT cooking Front Side controls can either be mounted to the front vertical side  edge of the countertop or  to a panel of kitchen cabinetry (whether flush or recessed).  Take into account that both fixed and variable measurements apply.  Further instructions can be found below.

For design and installation of a PITT cooking configuration with Front Side controls the following instructional guidelines are available:

Also available in “Downloads”

Caution: during the design process it is important to take into account both fixed and variable measurements.  Requirements regarding these measurements are given further down on this page.