Meet PITT Cooking

Gas burners installed directly into any countertop of your choosing

Experience the perfect blend of function and design with this revolutionary Dutch cooktop! Enjoy powerful, efficient cooking over a flame that has enough space for all your pots and pans. Transform your kitchen and make it a place to be proud of with this revolutionary cooking solution!

At PITT Cooking, we strive to provide the best in cooking systems, crafted by hand in the town of De Meern, Holland. Our offices, factory, and showroom are all located under the same roof, enabling us to provide exceptional service and products. Our close-knit team is comprised of consummate masters of integrated cooking function and design, dedicated to delivering the highest quality systems.

PITT Cooking has gained global recognition, with its presence now spanning 42 countries worldwide. We are proud to have been established in the Netherlands and are determined to continue expanding our reach across the globe.